Tanscription of the will of Enoch Turner:

I Enoch Turner of the County of Boone State of Missouri being in a weak state of health and of sound &
disposing mind, do on this day make this my last will and testament. I will that my Executors hereinafter
appointed collect as soon as practicable all the money due me, and pay all my just debts.
I will to my wife Susan the free (use) of the land appurtenances upon which I now live during her life or
widowhood. I also will to my wife the possession & services of all my slaves during her life of widowhood.
I also will to my wife all my personal estate of every description (except my money on hand & what is owing
me) that she may want, to be used managed & disposed of as she may think best for the promotion of the interest
of my family during her life or widowhood. The above property wiled to my wife is for the propose of supporting
herself and raising, supporting & educating such of my children as are now living with me.

I will that my children now living with me, to wit: Elizabeth, Thomas, Susan, Sally, James, Martha &
Benjamin as they marry, or arrive to the age of maturity each receive in money & property the sum of two
hundred dollars; the property be given by my wife & the money by my excutorys. I have heretofore given
to my son Augustus Turner, and my daughters, Marian Conelly, Abigail Goslin & Jemima Turner each on their
leaving me the sum of two hundred dollars in money & property. In case my wife Susan should marry it is my
will that she have the possession & use of the dwelling house & the eighty acres of land & personal property
(except the money & debts due my estate) during her life to be delivered to her by my Exectrs when she gives
bond & good security to return this same or its value to my exectrs at her death. I will that when my wife
dies all my lands, slaves & other property be sold by my Exectrs and the proceeds of the sale, & all money
belonging to my estate be equally divided among all my children & their descendants, first giving such as
have received nothing two hundred dollars. It is my wish that after paying all my just debts, my Exectrs
loan out the money belonging to my estate taking good security for its payment. It is my will that my
Execrs have power to buy out the heirs of James Turner Snr. Dec'd interest in eighty acres of land which is
deed to me by Cornelius Linch & his adjoining my other land, in Boone County. I hereby appoint Silvester
Goslin & Augustus Turner Executer of this my last will.

Witness, A. W. Turner George L. Hickam, Enoch Turner (X) his mark